The Best Foods in Georgia: Magnesium Foods for the Holidays

The Magnesium Food Stamp Program is a $50 monthly allotment of food stamps that is awarded to eligible food stamp recipients.

In addition to food stamps and other food assistance programs, the Magnesium program provides access to an array of health benefits, including free dental, vision, dental and vision-related treatments, and home energy, transportation, and housing.

Magnesium supplements, supplements for athletes, and supplements for the elderly are also eligible for this program.

The Magildon Food Bank is also eligible.

This year’s Magildons program was expanded in 2017 to include a second category of Magnesium food stamps.

In 2017, the program provided food stamps for over 100,000 households, which is a 5.6 percent increase over 2016.

This increase was due to a new program that expanded the food stamp eligibility to include households with incomes between 250 and 499 percent of the federal poverty line.

Magildonian food stamps provide cash benefits to eligible households for items such as groceries, rent, and utility assistance, as well as other food, medical, dental, and vision care.

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