Which animal protein brands are worth the risk?

In an era of food safety and quality standards, a growing number of companies are choosing to keep their ingredients secret from consumers and to use cheap and potentially toxic ingredients.

Now, an industry body has put out a list of fast-food and other food groups’ top 10 food ingredients that are most likely to cause foodborne illness.

The list was compiled by the International Association of Meat Chemicals and Chemicals (IAMCC), which is based in Switzerland and is composed of the leading food chemical manufacturers, food processors and suppliers in the world.

Food and beverage companies are a key ingredient in the IAMCC’s guidelines, and it includes ingredients like: Baking soda Fruit juices Pine nuts Coconut oil Peanut butter Soybeans Milk Sesame oil Oils of any sort Parsley Salt and pepper Poultry feed Meat substitutes Mild spices Fats Dairy products Fruits and vegetables Cereals Paleo productsThe IAMLC’s guidelines are based on research conducted by the group and its members.

The list also includes animal products such as beef, pork, lamb and chicken, as well as dairy products and vegetable oils.

The IAMC is also working on new standards to help consumers understand how food is made.