When you’re on the move: $1.9 billion in free food in Canada

In the wake of a massive snowstorm, Canada’s largest food retailer and retailer of grocery items announced it would spend $1 billion to help the country’s homeless population by opening 50 stores over the next year.

Food is on everyone’s mind, but Canada’s food safety and sanitation system is not strong enough to handle the influx of people who seek out free food.

Last year, the government’s emergency food distribution program was hit by $7.7 million in claims that the government has yet to investigate.

The Canadian Red Cross has estimated that between 6,000 and 9,000 people a year die due to foodborne illness.

Canada’s government has been cracking down on foodborne illnesses in recent years.

Last March, the Food and Drug Administration said it would review the safety of the food it distributed in Canada.

In April, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency said it will launch a comprehensive review of food safety in the country.