Cookbook for a new generation of cooks: Smithfield Foods

A new cookbook is on the way.

Smithfield Foods (SFT) is making a name for itself in the fast-casual food sector by launching a new food delivery app, Smithfield Food Delivery, which will be available for the iPhone and Android platforms from January 11.

Smithfields new app will offer customers the option of ordering a food delivery from an array of brands, including:Diners Club, The Good Guys, Red Wing, Jack In The Box, Jack in the Box and other brands.

The food delivery service will be powered by the mobile app, and will work with customers who have their own delivery driver.

Smithfield says it will be an easy way for customers to order food from a variety of brands.

Smithfest, an event taking place in downtown Honolulu, is one of many major festivals across the United States that will be open to the public starting on January 11 and running until the end of the year.

Smithfest’s first year is expected to be an exciting one for locals and tourists alike, as attendees can enjoy an array, including the Smiths, the Great Northern and the Hawaiian Islands’ most popular attractions, Hawaii Zoo, and Kakaako’s popular attractions.

Smiths CEO David Loughlin, who is based in Honolulu, said he was excited to see the community come together to celebrate the festival’s first anniversary.

“Smiths is excited to be hosting a festival like this in Hawaii, a community that is so close-knit, and one that is always welcoming, even when it comes to the weather,” Loughlins statement read.

“We’re very excited to bring our customers a wide range of products, and to be able to help the community with the planning and design of their holiday experience.”

Smiths is one among many food delivery companies that have already established themselves in the food delivery market.

Last year, Smiths was named one of the most trusted food delivery providers in the United Kingdom.