‘Dairy products are safe’ after new study finds no link between them

Posted October 01, 2018 07:24:53It was a very exciting day for us all.

The company behind the world’s biggest dairy product, Parmesan, had announced its new brand, Parmalee, would be available in Australia this week.

But the news was also good news for all the people who have been waiting for the product.

While there are some concerns about the dairy product itself, there was no evidence of a link between the food additive and any illness or health issues, the Food Standards Agency said.

Read more”We believe the product is safe, we are confident it is safe and we have made the decision based on the safety of the product,” the agency said in a statement.

Parmalee is made from milk proteins such as whey, casein and casein from cows who are raised for milk production.

While Parmalees are high in fat, there are no known links to cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes or cancer.

The agency said the company had “a commitment to Australia to deliver its products” and had started “transitioning” its supply chain to Australia.

The decision to stop importing Parmaleemos is “part of a broader strategy of delivering high quality products for Australian consumers”, it said.

“Parmagee is a leading dairy product producer in the world and we are excited about the opportunities ahead for the company,” Parmaleepa spokesman Ben Hickey said.

“We will continue to support our Australian customers to deliver quality products and products that are safe to eat and will be able to fulfil our commitment to deliver our Australian-grown Parmaleese for Australians to enjoy.”

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