China delivers food coloring to ‘devil food cake’ recipient

CHINA has delivered comfort food coloring for a recipient of a Chinese food delivery service to a Chinese woman in Singapore.

The woman told CBC News she was told she could choose between “devil” food coloring and “sweet” food.

“I was told, ‘We have sweet food,’ and then they said, ‘OK, you’re going to have devil food,'” said the woman, who asked that she be identified only by her first name, Siang.

“So, I chose devil food.”

The woman’s family said she had previously used devil food coloring in other countries.

“The only thing I want is a little bit of devil food.

So, I have some food coloring from China,” she said.

The man who took the food coloring said he had previously sent it to a friend who was in Singapore to pick up a package of sweets.

He said he thought the woman had given up.

“She’s not a bad person, she’s a good person,” he said.

“But, you know, it’s like a Chinese proverb, ‘You cannot give a person anything you do not want.’

So, it was a very strange situation.”

He said he tried to contact the delivery company but could not reach them.

Siang said she was also contacted by the company on the phone.

She said it was the first time the company had contacted her.

“They were like, ‘Hello, Sia.

How are you?

I’m sorry for your trouble, but we just wanted to give you a little taste of what we can give you,'” she said, laughing.”

It’s like that.

You can’t have a sweet tooth, because it’s devil food,” she added.

She was told the company will not be able to continue shipping the food color because it was already delivered.

The delivery company, called Siang Delivery Service, did not respond to CBC News’ requests for comment.