‘The new trend’ for ‘fast food’ stores: Bollywood star reveals he will open his own chain in Mumbai

The trend has been dubbed ‘fast-food’ and ‘foodies’ in the minds of some people and there are many restaurants that are already opening in Mumbai.

The concept of ‘fast restaurants’ is nothing new.

In the past few years, there has been a trend of chains opening in malls and malls across the country.

A few of them are already operating in Mumbai and have already been seen in other cities.

However, there are few ‘fast casual’ chains that are not chains.

And that is where I come in.

I am a ‘fast eater’.

I am a regular diner in my area, but I never used to go out for lunch, or dinner, or even for dinner at all.

I am only a regular patron, but only because I am not hungry.

When I go to restaurants, I always ask for ‘salad’ and the staff is not happy if I do not order anything.

I always order a vegetarian burger.

So when I see a ‘Fast Food’ sign in a mall, I do my best to go for it.

The ‘fast restaurant’ is the opposite.

I don’t know if the name is a reference to fast food or fast food food chains, but the idea of a ‘foodie’ is just a good marketing gimmick.

It is a way of branding fast food and fast food chains.

I think ‘fast dining’ is a bad name, it is not fast.

I love fast food, but my only food of choice is vegetarian burgers.

I try to eat healthy food and I am really good at it.

The other thing about fast food is that I am always going out for it, not just when I am at home.

The whole purpose of a fast restaurant is to cater to people who want to get out of the house and not stay in the house for long.

The fast-food chain has a very good marketing angle and I can see myself getting used to the fast food culture in the near future.