Which foods are safe to eat when you’re allergic?

The Food Lion team at the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has created a test for food allergies that can be used to diagnose and treat food allergies.

The FoodLion test is designed to help people who may have a food allergy and wants to know what foods are actually safe to consume.

The test includes a questionnaire and can be downloaded for free.

It was created to provide a tool for people who are food allergic to many types of foods, and to help them decide which foods are truly safe.

The testing tool can be found here.

FoodLion is a service that allows users to quickly test their food allergies using a mobile app.

They’re free to download the app and test the products they own.

But for those who are allergic to a specific type of food, they can purchase a different product.

The test includes two types of questions that you can answer.

The first type is a general questionnaire.

In this type of test, you can choose whether or not you’re an “allergen-sensitive” person, or you can say whether or also whether you have allergies to any specific foods.

The second type of question asks whether you’re a “food intolerant,” meaning you have a specific food allergy.

The tests can also provide information on what types of products you can safely eat and how long you can eat them.

For people who want to know more about how they can test their allergy to foods, the Food Lion app has information on how to find a test kit, and a sample kit.

If you want to learn more about the FoodLions test, the CSPI’s Dr. Richard V. Levine offers an explanation of how it works.