Eat your soul food! Food delivery service soul food opens in New York

The Soul Food Delivery startup launched in New Jersey and New York City on Monday.

The company has raised $100 million in a round led by Union Square Ventures, as well as a $150 million seed round led, among others, by venture capital firm Benchmark Ventures.

The New York company has been testing the delivery concept in New Haven, Connecticut, and is currently in the process of relocating its headquarters to a warehouse in the Bronx, New York.

The Soul food delivery startup has partnered with restaurants, like the Shiloh, to bring customers into their restaurants for a meal.

The service, which is also called soul food, is available at over 1,200 restaurants across the country.

The startup has a $2 billion valuation.

Soul food delivery has been touted as a way for food trucks to expand their supply chains and expand their menus.

The delivery service is currently available at many New York restaurants.

Soul Food has partnered up with local farmers and restaurants to test the delivery service at their locations.

Soul food also serves up to a $50 meal for customers, and Soul Food delivers meals for as low as $5.

The menu offers a range of foods from local to international.

Soul Food is not the first restaurant delivery startup to come out of New York or New Jersey.

Last year, food delivery service Eatsy debuted in Brooklyn, and now it is coming to a New York restaurant as well.

Eatsylve recently launched in Miami, Florida, as an app-based delivery service that lets customers order through its app and pick up their food.

The restaurant has partnered Upfront with the New York-based company to launch in Miami.

Eetsy has been experimenting with food delivery for years and has also partnered with some of the world’s best restaurants to help bring the service to their restaurants.

EATSY will be testing the service in New Orleans, and will be expanding in the coming weeks to Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, and other cities in the United States.