Texans to debut new pizza menu: ‘Mexican’ pizza

The Texans will introduce a new pizza line featuring “Mexican” items, including a pie that features a meatball and a sausage roll.

The menu will debut on the team’s website, the team announced Monday.

“Our team is proud to bring our fans a new, exciting way to experience our team,” Houston general manager Rick Smith said in a statement.

“We hope to provide fans with a fun and affordable experience for all Texans fans.”

The pizza menu includes a pizza topped with mozzarella and mozzerella cheese, a pie filled with beef brisket and pork sausage and a chicken-fried steak topped with a pepper jack mushroom sauce.

Texans fans will also be able to order a new chicken-flavored “Bud Light Special,” which will include a “BUD” flavored beer and a Bud Light Special soda.

The beer will come in a can or bottle.

The Texans are looking to attract a bigger Hispanic market with the pizza menu, which comes in flavors including “Mexicano,” “Mexicali,” “La Raza,” “Vino de Vino,” “Coca Cola Original” and “Nacho Cheese.”

“We wanted to bring a whole new perspective to the Mexican food experience and to introduce Texans fans to some of the best and most unique dishes in the world,” Smith said.