The Israeli army is preparing to seize the entire city of Beit Lahiya

The army is considering seizing Beit Ha’asr, the largest Palestinian city in the West Bank and a strategic border crossing, according to local sources.

According to the sources, Israel plans to build a large wall along the entire border, and will not allow any movement inside the city.

In response, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Sunday that the army would begin constructing a wall around the city, and ordered a temporary halt to the construction of the wall.

“There are still parts of Beita Lahiya that the soldiers won’t touch,” said an Israeli soldier who asked to remain anonymous.

“The city has been in Israeli hands for 70 years and now it’s under siege, and the IDF is not interested in allowing any movement.

The army has no plans to move into the city.”

A military source said that the planned wall would not only be the largest in the world, but will include tunnels to the Gaza Strip, a strategic and military target.

“The IDF is still building a wall, but the tunnels will be built on the same side as the wall,” the source said.

“A big wall is a big wall, and it won’t be able to withstand the attacks.”

The source said Israel is planning to create two different zones in the city: one for security and the other for the population.

“We’ll build a small area for the security forces to operate, and a large area for those who live in Beit Dheiyeh,” he said.

“And it will be a temporary wall, so we don’t plan to tear it down.”

The Palestinian Authority, which is in control of the West Jordan Valley, is currently negotiating a deal with Israel, which it hopes to reach as soon as this month.

While Israel is considering the plan, the Palestinians have been urging the international community to pressure Israel to end its occupation of the Palestinian territories.

“Beit DHEIYEH is our homeland and our homeland is ours,” Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said on Saturday.

“It’s our right to live in the land we are living on.

There’s no place for Israel in our land.”

Abbas also said that Israel must stop building its wall on the city’s eastern outskirts.

“If they want to build another wall, there’s no way to stop them.

It’s just impossible,” he added.