‘I just want to be healthy’: The nutritionist behind one of Washington’s hottest pizza shops says she’s not buying a slice of pizza in her town

A mother of three from Smithfield, Washington, says she just wants to be healthier and not spend $300 on a pizza.

The mom, who has a baby boy and two older daughters, says the food delivery company she works for has become a “chill place” for her and her family because they feel like they’re under-served.

She also said she doesn’t want to go to Pizza Hut for her pizza because she has diabetes.

The Smithfield-area restaurant, which serves pizza, salads, burgers and hot dogs, is named after the Smithfield farm that once produced the pizza dough.

The restaurant has opened to great fanfare this year, with its pizza deliveries topping $5 million in the past year.

Now the mom says she has noticed a difference in her health.

“I just don’t want anyone to feel that I’m lazy, I don’t care how much money I make,” she told ABC News.

“Just because I don