‘I was told it’s a fad’ – what you need to know about the Baldor burger

What do you need know about a burger that’s popular with people in Britain?

If you’ve got a strong stomach, a burger may be what you want. 

The Baldor Burger was launched in Britain in February 2017 and is available in more than 70 countries. 

It comes in a large bun, with a crispy, caramelised exterior and a thick, crispy and caramelised interior. 

It was developed by the company Baldor Food. 

The burger is a combination of two classic British burger flavours – the crispy, savoury golden-brown bun and the sweet, buttery caramelised bun. 

If you’re a fan of the classic golden-bun, you’ll love the crunchy, caramelized interior.

The crispy caramelised Bun is made from a blend of ground beef, brown sugar and sugar, but you can opt for a regular bun instead. 

When the bun comes out of the oven, it gets a light golden-pink colour, and then you have a nice crispy exterior. 

On top of the crispy caramelized bun, there’s a crunchy caramelized onion ring that is also crispy. 

You can also add some lettuce, tomato, lettuce leaves or any other toppings you want, and it’ll all be nice and crunchy. 

There’s also a soft-serve version, which is just a little bit softer. 

Baldor Food’s website is pretty comprehensive, and the menu is detailed too. 

For starters, the menu includes a few different burgers: the Baldor Chicken Burger, the Balda Burger, and Balda Cheese Burger. 

These burgers are all made with ground beef and a mix of ground cheese and a variety of vegetables. 

Each burger comes with three options: steak patty, lettuce and tomato, and a side of potato and gravy. 

I’d say that this is probably the most popular version, as it’s very tasty and also the easiest to prepare. 

Other burgers include the Baldoree Burger, which comes with the same beef, but with bacon instead of mustard, and is a bit softer than the Baldo Burger.

There’s a variety available too, including the Baldora Burger and the Baldura Burger, as well as the Baldu Burger.

It’s also worth noting that the Baldur Burger is only available in the UK for now. 

With this much information on the menu, there really isn’t anything to get hung up on. 

So what are some of the other popular British burgers? 

The most popular burgers are the Baldour Cheese Burger, with onion rings, the Baldi Cheese Burger and Baldi Burger.

The Balda burger comes in two flavours: crispy and sweet. 

Also popular are the Clyde Burger, the Baldo Burger and the Golden Burger.

The Baldor Cheese Burger is a crispy and buttery bun with a sweet onion ring.

The soft-served version is also a bit soft. 

Cynthia and I have tried the Pecan Burger, a biscuit bun with chocolate chips and bacon. 

Pepsi, Bodhi and the Golden Burger are also popular. 

And finally, the other British burger that is popular is the Baldi Cheese Burger with onions and bacon, which also comes in the soft-serving version. 

In our opinion, the most exciting burger to try is the Fatburger Burger, because of its crispy, crunchy exterior.

If you can’t get enough of a crispy caramel-y burger, check out the Chocolate-Chip Burger.

And then there are the many burgers that are simply a bit too soft.

We’ve also got a burger we’d recommend to anyone with a strong appetite. 

What are the best British burgers you’ve tried?