Chinese food from the super bowl

Chinese food is one of the hottest foods to come out of the super bowls, and the food that you get at the restaurants in China has gotten even hotter.

And it’s a trend that’s just getting bigger. 

We got our hands on some of the best Chinese food we’ve ever eaten in China. 

The most popular dishes in the list below are listed in the order they’re prepared. 

It’s worth noting that we’re only looking at Chinese cuisine at this time, so there are plenty of other Asian cuisines that you can also try.

Chinatown is also the foodie hotspot of the world, and here are some of our favorite restaurants in the area. 

Chinese food is so popular in China, we thought we’d share the top five dishes we’ve found from restaurants in Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, and Shenzhen.


The Chiu’s The Chiu is a Chinese restaurant in the South of Shanghai, which is where we met the two-time reigning Super Bowl Champion, Chiu “Lan.”

The place has been around since 2004 and is one-of-a-kind.

It’s been open since 2006, and we’ve seen it run up against the top-of the-line Chinese food in the world.

The menu features everything from the most popular soup to noodles to sesame and chow mein. 

You can order a traditional Chinese meal like fried rice, chicken or beef, with a variety of sides.

You can also add a few more things like fried chicken, steamed or baked vegetables, and noodles to satisfy your sweet tooth.

It’s a great place for a date night or just a nice little party. 


La Chiu Restaurant A staple in the Chinese food scene, La Chui is a restaurant and bar located in Hangzhou.

The place is famous for its Chinese dishes and drinks.

La Cheung is a traditional and seasonal Chinese dish that’s often served on a bed of white rice. 

La Chiu also serves a full bar, which includes live music and local music. 


Bao Shao (Serve) A classic Chinese dish, Bao shao is a soup that’s traditionally made with pork, fish, vegetables, mushrooms, and onions.

It usually comes with a sauce of red wine and sesame oil, but it can also be made with beef, pork, chicken, pork belly, beef, lamb, and pork. 


La Cava Cantina A unique Chinese restaurant located in Beijing, La Caca Cantina is a new restaurant with a full-service bar. 

“La Cava” is a dish made from a blend of ingredients, which means it uses ingredients from all over the world to make it unique. 


Lao Dao Restaurant  This place is an authentic Chinese restaurant and restaurant in Hangzhou, which also serves as the main hub of the Chinese American community in China and around the world for many years.

The restaurant has an original look, as it was built by Chinese immigrant workers who were sent to the U.S. to work in the U, D, and W industries. 


Biao Ting (Crispy Pork) If you’re craving the crispy pork you can eat it at this restaurant. 

This classic Chinese food is made with rice, and it’s filled with pork belly and pork, so you can expect a bit of a crunchy bite to your meal. 


Laos Food Truck (Crazy Food) This is the food truck of the day in HangZhou.

They are a street food truck, and they are known for their crazy food. 

There are plenty to choose from, from a spicy fried pork sandwich to a grilled pork sandwich with green beans and fried rice.


Shui Lu (Sweetness) The sweet and savory dish of this dish is called Shui lu. 

A fried egg is usually added, and this is the only way to get the egg on the plate. 


Daishan Restaurant This Chinese restaurant is famous in Beijing and has been in the news ever since they opened their doors.

They serve up a variety with different flavors, including spicy chicken, and fried pork.10.

The Golden Dragon (Carnitas) It may sound a bit crazy, but this restaurant is a bit different than most other Chinese restaurants. 

Their menu is a mix of traditional Chinese food, like stir-fried pork with bean sprouts, and a wide variety of Korean-inspired food, including Korean barbecue and Korean barbecue soup. 


Taikung Sushi Bar Taikung is known as one of China’s most popular sushi restaurants, and you can go to Taikingsushi Bar for an authentic sushi experience. 

Taikingsu is a popular place for Japanese tourists and it serves up sushi made from