How to watch the first episode of anime food channel Food Network (FNS) with Food Network Recipes

You can watch the second episode of Food Network’s anime food show Food Network Presents: A Certain Magical Index, featuring some of its top chefs, in the US and UK on Friday, January 28th at 10pm ET/PT. 

Food Network has launched a brand new website that features some of the most popular recipes from the show, including a dish for the world’s favourite Japanese grilled cheese, a recipe for a new grilled cheese sandwich and a dish to eat for breakfast. 

This is all the food that you need to try out some of our most popular show recipes including the most delicious breakfast sandwiches, lunch sandwiches, dessert sandwiches and appetizers, as well as a selection of recipes for other popular breakfast and lunch dishes, along with a full menu of tasty snacks. 

To help you prepare the best possible food for yourself, we’ve compiled a complete guide to help you make the most of these recipes, as you prepare to enjoy the show. 

The first episode, A Certain Magical Incident: The Beginning, is available now on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.