How to Save $6 on Your Favorite V-Jax Food

V-jax is the latest food company to come under fire for its use of a nutritional supplement that appears to be a counterfeit.

The supplement, which was discovered in a test batch of the company’s own products, comes with the warning: “may cause you to become sick or to lose your job.”

The company claims that it’s a “nutritional supplement for the body.”

But the FDA has already approved more than 60 products using this kind of nutritional supplement, including a popular line of vitamin A-rich supplements.

And while V-jeax claims that its supplements are only for individuals with underlying health problems and may help boost brain and muscle growth, there’s no evidence that it helps people with dementia or other conditions like autism.

The company’s website also offers a “supplement for the mind” and promises to “help you focus better, get a better night’s sleep, and feel more balanced.”

V-Jeax’s CEO has repeatedly denied the product’s ingredients are fake, and the company has not said how many of the products it sells are actually being used.

But the company also says its “product testing process has been transparent and transparently documented to the FDA and independent testing organizations.”

The FDA did not immediately respond to Ars’ request for comment.