Chinese food delivery company to launch food delivery app in India

India’s biggest food delivery startup, Super 1 Foods, is expected to roll out an app to enable customers to compare the quality of Chinese food and other Indian delicacies. 

The company, which is backed by Chinese state-owned China Food Industry Corp., plans to launch the app in the coming weeks in the Indian capital, New Delhi, the Wall Street Journal reported. 

“Super 1 has been working with Indian startups to bring the Indian cuisine experience to India, and this app is an essential step in this direction,” the company said in a statement. 

A Super 1 Food app will offer customers an online platform that provides a way to compare their own food.

 “This app will enable customers and their friends to share and compare their favourite food with each other,” the statement said.

“The app is available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.”

We will soon announce the launch date of the app.

It is a global launch and we expect it to launch in India soon.” 

According to the Wall St Journal, Super the Food Delivery Group plans to provide a number of products in the app, including chicken curry, chicken paratha, rice cake and chicken curry dumplings.

It is not known when the app will be launched in India.

The app, which launched earlier this month in New Delhi and is expected in the rest of the country in the next few weeks, will be used by around 150 million customers, the Journal said.

The Chinese state owned company, China Food Technology Corp, which owns Super 1, has been in talks with Indian food delivery startups to expand their operations in India, according to the WSJ. 

In March this year, Super1 Food had signed an agreement with an Indian food ordering app, Kunal Dutta, to help it expand its food delivery service.

According to Bloomberg, the Indian government has banned Uber from operating in the country, citing safety concerns over ride-hailing apps.