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Gentile Pasta


Today Gentile offers the highest quality products with full respect for the dictates that have made Gragnano pasta so famous in the past: the use of high-quality semolina and a low temperature drying. Additionally there are two elements that make Pasta Gentile unique: the quality of Senatore Cappelli variety wheat and natural drying by the “Metodo Cirillo.”

The ear of Senatore Cappelli wheat can reach 180 cm and have a full and hard tuft. This kind of wheat was so difficult to be cultivated in the past, since being so high it was easy that wind and rain could partially destroy the production, that was replaced with easier varieties. It was the most used wheat in the South of Italy and islands until the end of the Second World War and its name comes from the Senatore Raffaele Cappelli who promoted the Riforma Agraria on early 1900. The choice made by the Pastificio Gentile is so important: the fragrance, the taste and the tenacity of Pasta Gentile are unmistakable now.