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Marella Artisan Pasta


This southern Italian pasta factory run by the Marella family makes pasta the way it was made hundreds of years ago: by hand. In this image you see workers from the factory holding their signature Sombreroni, or large Mexican hats, each of which was folded by hand into the shape of a conical hat. These hats can be stuffed just like Italian home cooks have been doing with ravioli, tortellini, and agnolotti for centuries.

The colors are all natural, and take the spinach green, squid ink black, or hot pepper red traditional pastas a step further and combine a fantastic rainbow array of colors into one piece of pasta. This is a feat that is not simple to perform, and still have the pasta hold its shape and not come undone while cooking.

Their manually processed white pasta is also equally magnificent and unsurpassable in quality and actual flavor of the pasta itself, regardless of the sauce used for serving.   Their products come from one of the finest pasta factories in the world that is located in Puglia, one of the most important regions in Italy for pasta production and consumption.

Our Marella Colorful Pastas       


Marella organic, colorful pasta is first and foremost an art form. Like their white pastas, they start with traditional artisan methods using premium local wheat blends, bronze die extrusion and slow air drying methods to produce an extraordinary, award-winning pasta that is as delicious as it is beautiful.

Affectionately called rainbow pasta, the myriad of beautiful, natural colors are derived solely from vegetable sources such as tumeric, carrots, spinach, tomatoes, beets and red peppers. A variety of artisanal, labor-intensive methods create shapes including bowties, roses, linguine and “Mother-In-Law” tongues.

Our best-selling “Monnezzaglia” (or leftovers) tells the story of the Italian family with “leftover” pasta shapes from the week’s family meals. Each box represents a unique collection of shapes that honor this tradition.