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Pedroni Balsamic Vinegar


Aged in a battery of ancient hardwood barrels, this balsamic vinegar is sweet and has a natural maroon color with a creamy intensity and velvety fragrance. This particular batch coming from aged must of Modenese Trebbiano grapes blended with white wine vinegar is described by Giuseppe Pedroni on his farm in Modena “as delicious and as rich as the 25 year invecchiato balsamic…”.

The Pedroni farm makes an incredible Lambrusco and Trebbiano wine that is also used to make the vinegar that is blended with the grape must. An absolutely beautiful product that comes in a beautiful and elegant bottle and box. Suggested uses are with grilled meats, roasted potatoes, tomato/mozzarella salads, savory cold cuts like prosciutto, ice cream and fruit salads. It is ideal with seasoned cheeses like Parmigiano.

Anthony Bourdain featured Pedroni on his show “No Reservations” in a segment titled, “The Real Balsamic Vinegar”. You can view the segment by clicking here.