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Ranise Firm

In their own words:

“Ranise Firm is located in Chiusanico, a little small village in Oust of Liguria; a wonderful place with a particular microclimate for the growth of olive trees.  We’ve created our firm with passion, keeping in the time, great part of ancient olive trees of Ranise’ Family.

We born like holder of extra virgin oil and a eat-olives Taggiasca placed in our territory. With time, we joined new recipes like Ligurian Pesto with basilic genovese Dop, tomato dry, walnut sauce and more other recipes of Ranise’ Family.

The following research of quality for our products keep us at first place for our oil and give us the Dop of Riviera Ligure of flowers.

Our products are in the best shops and delicatessens in the world and for us it is very important to create food without use of coloring and preservatives.”